Places I’ve Been: Week Ending 12/8

So far, I’m keeping to my promise to post my roundup weekly. It does get a little tiring, though. I’m currently writing 7 posts per week including these roundups and publishing 5000-6000 words doing it. That’s an increase of 2 posts and about 3000 words over what I was averaging in October.

In January, will will be slowing down a little, but probably not too much. I’m in the middle of a series of tutorials on ebook publishing that will probably take me through the end of January.

This week, I had a total of 9 mentions. Not bad for a week with only one carnival listing! I did submit to carnivals after finishing my roundup last week like I said I would, but since most of them are on Sundays, it was already too late for this week.

Lots of good posts out there this week (or I discovered this week):

  • Mo’ Money Mo Houses recommends Taking Personal Finance Blogs with a Grain of Salt. She thinks that sponsored posts cause bloggers to recommend products and services they wouldn’t otherwise. If a blogger is willing to sell themselves to a company they wouldn’t endorse for free, they don’t need me as a reader.
  • Making Sense of Cents says that ebooks are A Frugal Minimalist’s Dream. I love ebooks, and now that Amazon beat the Big 6 publishers down, best sellers can be frugal.
  • Speaking of ebooks, Anne R. Allen explains that the result of the Amazon lawsuit is that indie publishing in 2013 won’t be the party it was in 2009. It will be harder for new fiction authors to get noticed, but I don’t think there will be much impact on non-fiction. Big names aren’t as common there.
  • Holly from Club Thrifty used to be an extreme couponer. If you have the storage space for it, I would consider the line between okay and too far is if you have more than you can use before it goes bad. Then you are just wasting your time and any money you spent to get those coupons.
  • Money Smart Guides recommends 3 Money Pits to Avoid. I disagree with the $2000 car on Craigslist. If I hadn’t wrecked it, I would still be driving the Camry I bought in 2003 for $2000 off a classified ad.
  • Think you’re frugal. You have nothing on Anna from Walden Effect. She doesn’t own a clothes dryer, but drys her clothes on the line even in the winter. I like the heat the dryer puts out in the winter, but there are some clothes that always get line dried.
  • Money Q&A has a list of Non-Traditional Seasonal Jobs to Make Extra Money This Christmas. Great ideas, but it’s after Christmas that I start to feel the pinch.
  • Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap explained How to Make Your Own Car Air Freshener.
  • So Over This hosted a guest post on Giving Up on Your Dreams Because of Debt. Only dream I’ve ever given up on because of financial hardship is visiting home for the holidays.
  • Studenomics explained How to Manage Money the Easy Way. He recommends set it and forget it.

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