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  1. Glad to hear your wife is doing better. I can relate to the frustration. We had to get a test done for our three year old last year. We tried to find out how much the test was going to cost. The insurance companies make it impossible for you to find that out for some unknown reason. So, the admitting nurse says…oh this test costs around $500. I thought, ok, I can manage that. Well, we got the bill about six weeks later and it was $2500!! My first thought was that I need to go back and teach the nurse that $500 is not AROUND $2500. It took us a number of months to pay the sucker off because we have a HDHP as well. The lesson taught us that we need to be vigilant about finding out the reason for the test and do our darndest to find out the cost before agreeing to anything.
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    • $500 has three digits the same as $2500. That’s got to make the numbers pretty similar, huh?

      I’ll admit that I need to get better at asking doctors to explain why they want to perform a test. My reasoning tends to be, if the doctor says you need a CAT scan, then you probably need a CAT scan.

  2. Time to move on up to Canada Edward. We’re lucky that we don’t have to worry about issues like this. There are some procedures we have to pay for and we have to pay for prescriptions, but everything else is covered by the monthly payments we make to the government. That way if I’m sick, I won’t think twice about going to see a doctor to figure out what’s wrong. Just the relief of not having to deal with extra insurance is nice.
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  3. It doesn’t really work in an emergency situation because you are just going to do whatever to find out and fix what’s wrong, but if you just ask them not to bill your insurance, sometimes the price comes way down. Our hospital gives a 30% discount right away for private pay. I’m sure you know already, but insurance only pays a fraction of what the charge is, so the price is marked up to cover what won’t get paid by insurance. It is illegal not to charge everyone the same, but they can give a private pay discount . You’d still have to do the loan, but it would be for a lesser amount. Doctors also pretty much have to do every test to rule out every possiblity no matter how remote. They may be sure you have indigestion, but still test for a heart attack just to CYA because everyone sues everyone here. People get mad at hospitals and doctors, and there is lots of waste there, but it’s really the insurance companies and stupid lawsuits that ruin it for everyone.
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    • That is the irony because that is when insurance is needed most.
      I vaguely recall hearing that a lot of places charge insurance companies more. I’ll have to try that in the future.

  4. Hey Edward, I’m glad your wife is feeling better!

    Are you planning on getting a lower deductible with higher premiums now, or go with what you got?

    As someone who has less income now, I’m thinking of lowering my monthly premiums for a higher deductible, but am not sure yet.

    Congrats on making it through the Challenge!
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    • Thanks.
      We did pick the lower deductible plan last year when we enrolled in this year, but it’s still rediculously high.

      Someone in your situation, with lower income than your used to, but a bucket-load of savings, I would probably say go for the higher deductible to lower your monthly costs. Having to pay the entire deductible in one emergency visit is something you can cover.

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