How to Survive After a Huge Launch

throw yourself a life preserver to avoid burnout at your next launch.

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The following is a guest post from Martin of Studenomics, who has just launched his newest course on how to dominate your finances in your 20s.

So I reached out to Edward to write about my newest course. Edward accepted and told me to send something over. Perfect. Then I realized that I had no ideas. Duh! Nothing.

For a guy who can talk all day, it might come as a shock that I had nothing to write about. It was a scary thought for me at first. How could I have nothing to talk about?

Then I came to accept that it was burnout. I was exhausted from all of the work that went into the launch.

What does a huge launch refer to?

Any new project that you suddenly dedicate an insane amount of time or money towards. Anything that you put all of your energy into and stand behind 100%. Anything that you actually ship to the market.

Launching is an amazing feeling. The feeling after isn’t so great.

How do you survive after a huge launch?

Take time off.

This goes without saying. Duh! Everyone knows to take time off. The problem is that you have all of that momentum and you feel unstoppable. You just want to keep on writing.

It’s important that you plan a mini-getaway. This can be a night of drinking, a weekend away, or an extended vacation. Whatever works for you. As long as you can step away from the launch for some period of time. Your mind needs the break.

Work out. Push yourself physically.

It’s summer time. Get out there and have some fun. I believe that the world is your gym.

While your mind will be feeling burned out, your body is still ready to go. This is an excellent opportunity to push yourself and train harder than ever. For some reason, I train like a mad man after a launch. I just want to get out and push myself. I want to break free from my laptop and explore new things. I also go for lots of bike rides after a launch. You’d be surprised by how many people still hang out in parks in the evening.

As you train, you might be hit with a few new ideas. Write these down so that you have so thoughts for the future when you’re ready to work on something new.

Do easy work.

It might take you a few weeks to jump right back into the difficult work. That’s cool. You can use this time to do the easy work. This can be anything from responding to emails to catching up on your favorite sites.

Easy work will also allow you to zone out in front of your laptop. As unproductive as this it, it’s okay to waste time once in a while. We can’t be productive 24/7.

The best part about the easy work is that you can finally catch up with those relationships that you may have neglected because you were so focused on your launch.

Wait for the next big launch.

Success or failure, trying gives you the right to play again. If you didn’t reach your goals, then you know what you have to improve on for next time. If your launch went well, then you can slowly start plotting for your next huge launch since you’re on to something.

I wish you good luck on your next launch! Don’t feel bad if you need a week to detox from caffeine or to just zone out in front of the tube while you catch up on Dexter.

Don’t forget to check out the Life After College Course. It might just change your 20s forever.

How do you detox and decompress after launching a new effort or wrapping up a major project?

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11 thoughts on “How to Survive After a Huge Launch

    • Man, I wish people at my job understood this concept instead of having to work 10+ hour shifts with only a couple short bathroom breaks.

        • I don’t know a while lot on the subject, but I would try combining some physical activity with lunch. My lunches tend to be pretty carb-heavy, but I am also reading one handed while I work and I don’t have any issues with food coma after lunch

  1. Life is full of learning. Success and failure are just part of it. You always have room to improvise next time when you cannot succeed at the first go. Yeah accept that your mind needs a break and you need to plan out something where your body and mind gets rejuvenated for that next big launch
    Rita P @ Digital Spikes recently posted..How to get rich quick tips and actionsMy Profile

    • I’ve heard it said that you learn more from failure than you do from success. Certainly, you are almost guarunteed to not find success if you quit from failure. WD-40 was the 40th attempt at making a penetrating oil. Where would the world be if the Rocket Chemical Company had quit after the first (or 39th) try?

  2. It’s definitely important to know when to take a break and let yourself relax. Congrats on the launch! Wishing you the best of luck.

  3. If only I’d seen this course in my 20’s….

    That’s some solid advice, and I especially like the tip about working out…hard. There is a weird connection between our physical achievements and other ones. A win in one category begets wins in the others.

    I’ll forward that link along to a couple recent grads I know. Good luck on the new project.
    Done by Forty recently posted..Fantasy Football Trades & Behavioral EconomicsMy Profile

    • exercise increases blood flow which means more oxygen to the brain to think better. also by taking our mind off of something our subconscious can work on it and it’s usually better at solving problems.

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