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  1. Well written post. Part of the reason I don’t use a debit card is because the fraud protections aren’t as good. When ever I have had to make a dispute I just log into my online account and do it from there.

    We did have to dispute a charge this year from a christmas gift we ordered and never received. We tried to give the merchant the opportunity to fix the situation, but they pretty much ignored all our calls and emails, which is a shame because we had never had a problem with them prior to this. So we went ahead and disputed it with Chase. The process was very easy and didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete!

    • The major difference I’ve seen in the fraud protections is that debit cards usually have a shorter time limit for reporting. In the early days of debit cards, you could have a liability of up to $500. But that seems pretty rare these days.

      I definately agree that Chase is probably one of the best banks out there these days for customer service.

  2. Solid advice Edward. I’m lucky enough to have never dealt with this. Or maybe I just wasn’t diligent enough with checking my statements in the past. I have had my credit card compromised more than once though, but it was the bank themselves that caught it. I do wonder whether I should be worried about identity theft because of it even if the bank caught it early on. The card still could’ve been used to obtain other id while the card was inactive.
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    • Banks are pretty good at stuff like that. When I bought my first computer, it was the first purchase I had ever made over $50. There was a message on the answering machine waiting for me from the credit card company by the time I got home from the store!

      I’m not sure what the laws are in Canada, but if you are entitled to free periodic copies of your credit report, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out.

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  4. We had this happen to us once at a department store. We read ALL of our bills each month and compare the charges to the expenses documented in our budget spreadsheet. Just another good reason to keep receipts and document. We found a duplicate charge for an entire bill. We called up the credit card company and the shop and they sorted it no problem. Had we not have checked the bill, we would have happily forked over double the payment. Great post
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    • It is a good habit to have. I was just reviewing my account and found out I was charged for a service I cancelled last month. Guess it’s time to call them up again…

  5. Timely post, as I was just checking my credit card statement online and noticed a charge that I don’t think should have been there. Will be following your steps to try and get it resolved, thanks for the help!

  6. Great tips Edward. I don’t want to jinx myself, but we’ve been lucky so far. Every fourth month we check with one of the bureaus to make sure that everything is up and up. It took several months for my wife to get off of her father’s sears charge, not sure why she was ever on it to begin with. It took about a year, but was worth it.
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    • Disputing things is a pain in the butt. Shortly after I started having credit problems my sister was denied for a loan because my credit card was listed in her name as an authorized user. I had to send a notarized letter to the agencies stating that she was not then or at any time responsible for that debt.

  7. I had a charge on my business card once for $2000 to a dental group. I called the number listed on the credit card statment and it was a private residence in Montana who had never heard of the dental group. I have no idea how the fraudster got my account number or billed through this fictional group, but they did. American Express investigated and refunded the charge, but it was a bit scary. I had them change my account number after that one.
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  8. There is a fraudulent ATM in my town that is doubling transactions, if you withdraw $100 it will write two $100 transactions. Nobody does a thing, and it is very hard to prove you didn’t get the money. So I always withdraw the maximum per day which is about $300 so there is no doubt I can withdraw more elsewhere. My card was cloned once and someone withdrew money from Colombia, thankfully I withdrew from Paris the same day and could prove it wasn’t me.
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  11. When a card is stolen, or an unauthorized duplicate made, most card issuers will refund some or all of the charges that the customer has received for things they did not buy. These refunds will, in some cases, be at the expense of the merchant, especially in mail order cases where the merchant cannot claim sight of the card. In several countries, merchants will lose the money if no ID card was asked for, therefore merchants usually require ID card in these countries. Credit card companies generally guarantee the merchant will be paid on legitimate transactions regardless of whether the consumer pays their credit card bill. Most banking services have their own credit card services that handle fraud cases and monitor for any possible attempt at fraud. Employees that are specialized in doing fraud monitoring and investigation are often placed in Risk Management, Fraud and Authorization, or Cards and Unsecured Business . Fraud monitoring emphasizes minimizing fraud losses while making an attempt to track down those responsible and contain the situation. Credit card fraud is a major white collar crime that has been around for many decades, even with the advent of the chip based card (EMV) that was put into practice in some countries to prevent cases such as these. Even with the implementation of such measures, credit card fraud continues to be a problem.

  12. Absolutely a Great Post Edward.
    By monitoring credit report statements on a regular basis, one can check for fraudulent accounts and inaccurate informations mentioned if any.
    Sadly Fair Credit Billing Act applies only to credit cards. Debit card is not protected.
    Recently i have had discovered some unauthorized charges of about $76 on my card. When i called my customer service representative. I was been told, it was done for some anti virus protection.
    I reported the transaction on http://www.vcharges.com/avangate-bdantivirus-c-amsterdam-card-purchasedebit-90 .
    It did helped

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