The 2013 $3k Challenge

2013 $3k ChallengeA year ago, I created a challenge to motivate small bloggers such as myself attempt monetization with a goal of earning $3000. The challenge was a success, and Money Smart Guides was the winner of a $50 Amazon gift card. Based on that success, I have decided to make this an annual contest. Without further ado, I hereby announce the 2013 $3k Challenge!

Last year, I ponied up $50 for an Amazon gift card, not realizing that I was limiting the contest to US participants. So this year, I am providing the option of cash via PayPal or the Amazon gift card to open it up to bloggers worldwide. Plus, I have lined up sponsors. With their help, the prize for winning this challenge is now $175.

An added bonus of participating in this challenge is priority guest posting on this site and a 10% discount on ebook services at SEAM Publishing.

Based on my experiences administering the challenge last year, some of the rules have been modified. To learn how to enter for the chance at winning $175, please read the rules below.

Rules for the 2013 $3k Challenge

  • Only online income sources will be counted. Things like online advertising, affiliate links, paid blogging gigs, and online sales count. Using a website to advertise an off-line service, like cleaning or taxi, doesn’t. Online services are allowed, as long as prices are under $100 and that selling that service isn’t the primary focus of the site. Selling a one-time product also doesn’t count; an example of this restriction is selling old stuff on eBay.
  • You can have as many websites as you want, but none can have more than 1000 monthly visitors in December 2012. This is contest is for small-timers and those just getting started.
  • For inclusion in this contest, you must fill out the form below with your name (or pseudonym), email address (will not be displayed or used for any purpose other than contacting challengers for purposes related to challenge), a short bio, how you plan to make your money, and a link to at least 1 blog you own. Also, please comment on this post letting me know that you entered. Entries must be received by midnight on January 18, 2013.
  • Challengers must include the badge (below) on their site.
  • At least once per quarter, you must post an update on your earnings as a comment to my updates on this site. It can be as simple as listing your revenue streams and how much money they made. Deadlines for these posts are April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1, 2013. My posts will be live about a week before those dates, so you will have a week to get your comments up. I will email participants with reminders as each post goes live. Failure to provide all four earnings updates will result in disqualification.
  • Winner is the first challenger to post earnings of $3000 or greater. Winner will be announced on January 6, 2014.
  • Sponsors, their families, employees, and employees families may not enter the challenge. Must be 18 or older. Void where prohibited by law. In the event of a dispute, winner’s earnings may be audited. Winner agrees to the use of their name (or pseudonym) in promotional material relating to future challenges.

2013 $3k Challenge Sponsors

Financial support for the 2013 $3k Challenge was provided by Sophisticated Spender, My Personal Finance Journey, Frugal Toad, One Cent At A Time, and The Financial Monk.

2013 $3k Challenge Submission Form

Please comment on this post after entering to let me know. Thanks.

$3k Challenger

Use this code to include the badge on your site:

<img src="" alt="$3k Challenger site" title="$3k Challenger site">

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44 thoughts on “The 2013 $3k Challenge

  1. Great idea Edward! Do sites which pay you for doing things such as receiving emails or searching the web count towards the online earnings?

    • I’m going to go ahead and rule no on that one for two reasons. 1) In my experience, they never pay cash, but instead pay in points that can be redemed for gift cards. 2) They don’t actually have anything to do with blogging.

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  4. I think I’m in the sweetspot for this. Not ttoo big, and hopefully no too small to be unable to hit 3 grand. Let me ponder the strategy on how to fill out the forms (bios always throw me). I’m definitely in.
    Alex recently posted..My favourite experiments so farMy Profile

    • Welcome to the challenge! I’ve found that if you have the proper motivation, then your starting size isn’t really a big impediment to making it.

    • Nope. Growth is one of the keys to success. I can’t imagine anyone succeeding if they were still under 1000 monthly visitors by the end of the challenge.

  5. OK, I’m in!
    I’m not really in it for the winning mind, but the challenge mainly. If I achieve it, I think I’ll publish how. There have been other bloggers who publish hints and tips on how to blog successfully, (I’m sure you published a helpful post somewhere too), so I might as well pay something back. 🙂

    • Well good luck! And yes, I did write a few blogging tips posts last year. You’ll find them if you look through the archives at January and February. 🙂

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  7. I logged into Google Analytics in order to sign up and saw I had almost 2k visitors in Dec! Guess I should keep better tabs on my stats!

    Ah well… I can’t imagine how I’d possibly make $3k this year, but it will be fun to follow along and play from home as they say. Good luck to all who enter!

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  9. Great idea Edward! I just signed up and I’m looking forward for a little bit more motivation when it comes to writing every night. Hopefully I can actually drum up a bit of a readership finally!

  10. Hey Edward, i wanted to know if you did a follow up post on last year’s 3k challenge. And i see you have another, for me personally I did not have a laser focus way of making it to $3k. Good luck with your challenge for 2013

    • The biggest thing that I have learned from all of this is that it takes WORK. No mater if you are trying advertising, freelancing, or selling, if you take the “build it and they will come approach” you are going to fail. Instead, you have to reach out, make connections, and work your butt off.

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