Places I’ve Been: December 23, 2012-February 6, 2013

I’m really behind on recognizing the many, many people who mentioned my work over the past month and a half. First there was an illness, then packing, then living in a motel with only cell-phone and public library internet access, then moving and unpacking. On Tuesday, the living room floor was finished and the last of our stuff was unpacked on Wednesday. Hopefully life can now return to normal!

It shakes out to 57 mentions over the past 46 days. That works out to roughly 1.4 per day. If you remove carnival mentions, it is still 1.1 per day!

Because there are so many mentions, and they mostly revolve around a handful of posts, I’ll try a slightly different format today. First I will mention the post, and then I will list everybody that linked to it.

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