About Edward Antrobus

Who is Edward Antrobus (the person)?

In my life, I’ve been a mover, a barista, a mailman, a substitute teacher, a permit technician, a computer repair tech, a farmer, and an author. I have a degree in Physics and an interest in hydrology and horticulture. My total experience in hydrology is reading books, flooding my sandbox as a child so I could dig canals, and trying to dam the stream by my great-grandmother’s house with river rocks. I never considered a career in horticulture until I decided that I liked eating more than being a small business owner and a nearby greenhouse was hiring.

Edward Antrobus

Where I agree whole-heartily with career experts: none of the above are particularly good ways of trying to start your career.I also hate the importance that networking has in job searching. I hate it because I suck at it. For two years, I attend a weekly job searcher networking meeting, and have used it to meet a total of 3 people in the water resources industry. But at least I got free coffee. 🙂

I seem to be a magnet for absurdity. I’ve been laid off a week after getting a promotion. At a DUI checkpoint, I failed a field sobriety test…even though I don’t drink (breathalyzer proved my innocence). I live in a town with more than a dozen breweries…even though I don’t drink. It’s gotten better now that Google incorporates social media profiles in their search results (okay, one thing that it’s good for), but most of the results for a search of my name are for a South African cricket player and quasi-British noble.

What is Edward Antrobus (the blog)?

Once upon a time, in a bid to get my name out and more hire-able, I started a job about job searching and the frustration of trying to get a job without any experience. The age old entry-level dilemma of “I can’t get a job without experience and I can’t get experience without a job.” So I started Entry Level Dilemma  on a BlogSpot blog. However, I eventually ran out of things to say. I wrote two posts in three months.

Eventually, I decided that since I read so many personal finance blogs, I would try my hand at that. Rather than starting over, I migrated Entry Level Dilemma over to WordPress and renamed it Edward Antrobus.

Now I write about personal finance topics, about blogging, and occasionally about job searching and hydrology. I also do book reviews.