Simple Lifehacks to Spending Less

Typically when it comes to financial advice you are told to create a budget, track spending, reduce unnecessary spending, and contributes more money to savings accounts.  Sure that is great, and each person should follow, but there are a few ways that you can cheat even further to save a little extra money in your wallet.

Keep Large Bills in your Wallet

You will be less inclined to part with large denominations of bills, making you think about making the purchase in order to break the bill.  When it comes to smaller bills, twenty dollars or less, you may think less about the aftermath of an empty wallet as you would spending the larger.

Reduce Cell Phone Data Plan

Not only will taking a GB or two off of your cell phone plan will save you money off your statement each month, but it will also keep you off surfing on your phone and leave you extra time to do other things around the house such as much needed cleaning, laundry, or taking the dog for a walk.  If anything, it will make you use the WI-FI more often, still saving off your cell phone plan.

Clear Browsing History When Booking Hotels and Airfare

Believe it or not the amount of searches for particular hotel or airfare on a specific day can generate an internet buzz if you will, causing fares to increase due to the demand that you are creating.  If you are going back to seek out new fares, make sure you clear your browser’s history so they do not see that it is you that keeps coming back to view.

Pay Attention to Your Thermostat

Programming your heating and cooling could save a substantial amount of money even shifting between a degree here and there.  If you are not home you can set the thermostat up during the summer to borderline warm, and in the winter almost too cold…adjust to comfortable temps while you are home and falling asleep.  Do not forget about trying to keep the windows open too!

Add Them Up!

If you do not believe that any significant money can be saved, try it and see the difference.  Compare your utility bills from a year ago to this upcoming year and see the savings, it may surprise you.  If you found great travel deals, brag to your friends!

Once you master the art of saving and not spending, then it’s time to actually do something useful with that money other than throwing it into a bank account that doesn’t earn any interest. If you can’t tell me, what does IRA stand for, then you should come back for my next post on putting your money to good use and preparing for retirement.

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Forex

During the 90’s, the Wall Street was the best place to make tons of money. Brokers used to say that in order to make money in the stock market, one had only needed to wake up in the morning. Soon enough, thanks to the development of the internet, people started to make money out of trading right from the comfort of their homes.

They no longer needed to become brokers on Wall Street. They could now make money from the comfort of their homes by simple waking up in the morning.

Forex is the biggest online trading market of the moment. Being open to everyone on the planet, this is a 5-trillion a day trading volume market where people can literally get rich overnight. The other side of the coin is also true – they can also lose all of their fortune overnight.

Whether you are a professional trader or a regular person who wants to try a new money making opportunity, you should not ignore Forex. With enough skills, practice and experience, you could be on your way off to a great start with this platform, and you could multiply your earnings.

Here are 15 big reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the Forex trading market:

  1. High Liquidity: you can cash the funds your earn anytime you want.
  1. Always open: you can trade 24/7. You definitely don’t need to wait for the market to open on Monday morning. However, you need to remember that most Forex brokers are still closed on weekends, and the spreads go up Friday night until Monday morning. NEvetheless, this is slowly changing, with more and more traders and brokers being willing to trade in the weekend.
  1. Diversification: according to a study conducted by the Bankrate back in July 2013, investing in the Forex market is the best alternative to stashing the money under the mattress.
  1. Regulation: thanks to the new regulations and oversight by the Financial Institutions of the state, the Forex market has been registered under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This means that the state is not against this industry anymore, as it was in the past.
  1. Start small: one of the main reasons to not ignore the Forex trading market is that you can start very small. With just $100, you can make more than $10,000 in a few months. You can also start earning money from the first day.
  2. Transparency: you will never find a more transparent market that what Forex has to offer. As a Forex trader, you have complete visibility on your account at all times.
  1. Easy access: Forex is not a traditional market where access is limited or difficult. Instead, it enables easy access from all areas of the globe.
  1. Open for everyone: in order to trade you only need an internet connection and a trading software/client
  1. Demo accounts: demo accounts are the real deal, especially for new traders with no experience whatsoever. A demo account at CMC Markets allows you to have a real Forex trading experience, but with virtual money. Always use a demo trading account for a few days before investing real money in this platform.
  1. Constant support: there are many experienced traders out there willing to help and guide you. Moreover, you have a lot of online resources to look into.
  1. Extremely stable: the Forex market is very stable, especially due to the fact that it is international. Even though the price of currencies can vary, the fluctuations are not so dramatic to affect this huge market.
  1. You can make profits out of each trade: all you have to do is to use the right tools and to predict the correct trend in order to make good profits.
  1. Keep your job: Forex trading can be done in your free time. You don’t need to become a full-time trader. You can trade at your own pace and keep it like a hobby.
  1. No commission fees: we all want this benefit, and the Forex platforms offers it in full.
  1. Perfect for everyone: ultimately, you should not ignore Forex because it is perfect for you. Whatever your skills, social status, experience or age, this is a great money making opportunity, hobby or job

There is No Easy Way to Book Cheap Airfare

For many of us, booking a few months early off of a third party site such as Expedia is the best deal you can find.  The truth is, airfare can change hourly, so when is the perfect time to book?  The answer is, whenever it gets to a point where you are comfortable purchasing, you do not think it will go any lower, or are scared to lose the current rate.

Book Two Months Early, on a Tuesday?

It used to be that booking fifty-seven days in advance, on a Tuesday, studies have shown to typically be the cheapest airfares, but there is no golden rule anymore.  With the emergence of last-minute flight deals, you could actually find the best deal two weeks prior to your intended departure.  The best advice would be to start checking as soon as you know your travel dates and watch for fares to change, and book when you feel you can pull the trigger.

Book Airfare Direct

It used to be we would go to a travel agent and have them take care of everything, but these days, you have access to the same fares, with seemingly hundreds of website to compare.  What I have always found to be the best deal is direct on the airline’s website.  Spirit offers coupon codes just about every week for booking on their site and the discounts do not show up on third party sites.  I book my rooms direct on the hotel’s site as well, as you can reserve without paying in full.  Also, given a few bad experiences in the past “losing my reservation”, I would much rather be at ease booking direct on the website so that at least I have a confirmation through them if any delays should occur, instead of working with the third party site.

Shop Around

When all else fails, shop around.  If you are planning a vacation and need a flight, room, and car, you may even find that a bundle deal on a third party travel site may be the way to go if you price out each one separately on direct websites.  Whatever you do, do not book right away, give yourself a chance to look at many different air and hotel sites to compare the difference.  Try each day for the week and see if any changes.  It is a waiting game, and makes some nervous, but when you find the right deal it will be worth the wait.

Why Staff Training Could Save Your Business Money

Many business owners tend to keep training to a minimum, as it can present an extra business cost that they’re not prepared to pay. However, there are many benefits to investing in staff training, least of all the fact that providing your employees with regular training and development opportunities could actually result in your business saving money. This could be for a number of reasons – when staff are fully trained and given regular, ongoing opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills even more, your business will begin to see a number of great benefits.

Less Room for Error

A main reason why businesses lose money is due to employee error. When employees are not adequately trained or have simply received a very basic level of training, there is much more room for them to get things wrong and make mistakes. These mistakes can sometimes be very costly to your business, depending on the size and nature of the task. Even small mistakes can add up in the long run, even if they don’t seem like a big deal financially when looked at individually. Giving your employees the opportunity to gain qualifications such as six sigma certification (6 Sigma), for example, also puts them in a much better position to spot mistakes made by themselves and others, and avoid them.

Satisfied Employees

When you invest in regular and ongoing training for your employees, you will have a workforce which is made up of individuals who are completely satisfied and happy with their jobs. Training gives employees the opportunity to move ahead in their own careers and better themselves, providing them with the means to earn higher salaries and get promoted, for example. This leads to employees who are much more satisfied at work, due to the fact that they are being given the opportunity to complete ongoing training which will benefit them as an individual. As a result, your employees will be more loyal and motivated – not only saving your business money by sticking around, but also by actively doing whatever possible to help it succeed.

Happier Customers

You may not have realised this, but training your employees can directly affect your customers and their views and opinions of your business. When employees are untrained, they’re not only unsatisfied and often unhappy with their role, they also are more likely to make mistakes – both big and small. This is something that in many cases, customers can pick up on quite easily and notice. When employees aren’t performing to their best potential and mistakes are being made that customers are aware of, in the worst case scenario a business can actually lose custom as a result. However, employees who are given regular training and as a result are completely satisfied and rarely made mistakes will lead for perfectly satisfied customers who don’t plan to go anywhere.